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Pardon Tequila cocktail competition:

At Corporate EVENT like the COCKTAIL COMPETITION, we worked with the EVENT ORGANISER to strategically position ourselves at the best angle to take the pictures. In this case, we shoot from lying on the ground. The KEY is to PLAN AHEAD and JUST DO IT!!!




A little preparation for your photo-shoot will help you RELAX and get the best results, especially you are the WEDDING PARTY. We plan in advance for your special occasion, your event.  We work with you to show case your personality. We will have a brief "how-to-pose" session for the wedding party. We will be there at the wedding rehearsal and work with you on what to wear, how to pose. The accessories you would like to use. Try on all outfits the day before the session to make sure they are ready. Book a few hours before your rehearsal to PLAN for the Photo-shoot. Believe me, YOU WILL BE STRESSED OUT on the day of the SPECIAL OCCASION. Do something pleasant for yourself, RELAX and this will make it easy for you to smile! 

“Photography before the ceremony is a lot of fun. Photography after the ceremony is a task. Between the ceremony and the reception, people are always looking at their watches. What time is the reception? When do we need to get out of the church? If I can avoid that, their whole experience with me (the Photographer) will be really free and fun.”—Dawn Shields

Our video cameras are enabled with Wireless mics. to that the ceremony is recorded. 

We use both traditional Photo-shoot with a Photo-shoot list so that everybody there has their picture taken. We use photo journalist techniques to catch the candide moments. 


We work with your EVENT PLANNER to stake out the best spots to CAPTURE the product launch, the service launch or the Fashion Show.