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As a Professional MODEL, the KEY to SUCCESS is to know how to POSE. Besides being you, your POSE will separate YOU from the AMATEURS and HELP you on your way to being a SUPER-MODEL.

EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL MODELS would only need some or no direction from a Photographer just like a professional actor would not need much directions from the director. The following are some BASIC RULE of thumbs: 

Research Poses & Mood and have your own style: 

Do your research on the POSES you want to make. Pull inspirational poses (photos) from Fashion magazines and emulate those poses. Keep a MOOD BOARD in Pinterest  Check out the AD and editorials in magazine such as Vogue, W, Glamour or V Magazine. 

Follow your Nose with your eyes: 

Do not have to keep your eyes to the camera. Look away slightly. Turn your head 10 degrees away from the camera. “Follow your nose with your eyes,”. It reduces the amount of white in the eye and eliminates the awkward over rotating eyeball. It show color, contrast and catch lights in the eyes. By simply follows their nose the color and catch lights will be there.

Pop your shoulder up and forward: 

Helps frame the face. Raising one shoulder higher than another will add dimension and strength to your pose. 

Push your Chin forward and Down: 

Your face is directly towards the camera. This extends and formed a stronger line jawlines. Not for side profile. 

Slightly Open The Mouth: 

With the mouth slightly open, the jawline is elongated and gives a subtle intimate invite to the viewer. Open wide enough to just show your font teeth. If we can see your gum, you opened your mouth too wide. 

Showcase your legs and your shoes:

They are hard to pose. Work on the full body poses and the showcase your shoes. Highlight motion. Get moving: jump, walk, lunge and shake the feet. Start with walking forward or pacing back and forth in a continuous manner.

Ballet Hands like the petal of a flower: 

Posing your hands is hard but if you master it, you can make your pose much more interesting. RELAX you hands as if you are in a ballet, spreading the fingers lightly, slightly broken at the joints. Like the petals of a flower. Place your hands to lead to your focal features. For example: Under the chin, over the shoulder, to the side or through the hair. 

Create subtle differences in your poses from others:

Move slow and sly. Lock-in a strong pose and slowly change your body or your face. Make small steps and only slight differences in gestures.

For the Photographer:

When shooting three-quarter or full body, get low to the ground and shoot high. It increases the height of the model, but also creates a more dramatic “hero” look. Give the model positive reinforcements and action direct the model. Increase her confidence with “fabulous, great, beautiful, excellent or love.” Snap the shutter 3-4 times then pause for a quick review. 

As a MODEL, your mission is to create stunning imagery and sell a product. Focus on forming lines; lines in the frame also lines of the body. Use your legs to compliment parallel lines of the arms or use the hands to form shapes surrounding the body. Be confident. Keep experimenting and get that perfect pose.