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Outdoor with nature and interesting background is the best location. LIGHTING is VERY IMPORTANT in Photography. To have a GOOD PICTURE, you want to have soft defused lights. The BEST SHOOTING HOUR is the MAGIC HOUR, one hour before sunset.

We also have to consider the weather. Too sunny not good. Cloudy day is actually better. Hopefully it does not rain on that VERY SPECIAL IMPORTANT DAY.


There are MANY OUTDOOR LOCATIONS that are suitable for PHOTO-SHOTS. We shoot our MODEL Photo-shoot there. These LOCATIONS also would be GREAT for Weddings or engagement photo-shoot. 

We will WORK with YOU and plan out the shooting location. 

Not to worry, we have a well equipped STUDIO.  


  • LIGHTING: Ambient and artificial lights.
  • BACKDROPS: a variety for you to choose from. black, white, green, blue, Paris, rustic cabin...etc...
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS: Fog, bubbles, water and chroma key (green screen)