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Expressions and emotions go hand in hand, especially in boudoir.... facial features only. Body language is an incredible way to convey emotion through the expression of the poses.


In order to truly convey emotions through expressions, it is best to have the (subject) recall a time that relates to the emotion you are looking for. For a smile... I  ask how she met her significant other. For a sultry look, I ask her what he looks like. For peak emotions, I just ask her to trace her fingers down her chest and think of him (the expressions are emotional overload after that one).... Studies show that these small questions will recall  a target memory that will convey the emotions.


  • Joy: Head back, chest forward, shoulders lifted and arms up above.

  • Lust: Hands tracing neck line down to chest, back arched, lips parted, eyes closed.
  • Confidence: Eyes open staring head on, one eyebrow raised, lips closed, hands around body (not tightly), some instances to lean forward..
  • Peak intensity: Appearance of themselves in perfection... heightened sense of the moment. (hair in face, grasping at legs, hands also tracing chest line).
  • Softer smile: modern boudoir. 
  • Straight posture.. relaxed hand placement is relaxed and smile is closed yet soft. Her expressions convey a relaxed, confident image. The slight lip curl (the expression) targets a hint of joy (the emotion).


 BOUDOIR photography:

Boudoir is to transform the client inside and out and instil her  with loads of CONFIDENCE. We know how to flatter our clients with proper POSE, LIGHTING & EXPRESSION COACHING. 

Often our clients request a BOUDOIR photoshoot for themselves, boy friends and / or spouse as well as a private photoshoot before the wedding.

JUST BOOK a Photoshoot and THINK about the POSES...